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 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof

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IndlægEmne: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   15.09.09 21:41

Hello my friends,

also in 2010 we (Hayabusaclub.eu) will be returning to the international Hayabusa mega meeting.

It will take place on: 03 - 06 June 2010 in Oberhof.

This time, we have chosen a better hotel, so all of our friends also get a room.

We hope you also back in 2010 to welcome.

When all is fine, you can win a new hayabusa K10.

The Hayabusaclub-Europe

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Male Antal indlæg : 3237
Registration date : 19/03/08

IndlægEmne: Re: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   15.09.09 22:35

well, to us Danish people it`s only 1/3 Hayabusa
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IndlægEmne: Re: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   15.09.09 23:36

why 1/3?

Only a couple of Dutchmen and Belgians (hayabusaclubbelgie.com) want to be doing something of their own.
The other half of the Belgians (hayabusa.forumchti.com) come back to us.

There were 16 countries represented, if not want to come 1 country .....

I do not know what went wrong, no one has spoken to me.

Let`s have Party ;-)

good luck

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Male Antal indlæg : 1915
Registration date : 03/06/08

IndlægEmne: Re: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   16.09.09 0:21

1/3 = I am sure he thinks of the price of a K10 as there is additional + 200% registration tax in Denmark..
Let me give you some feedback from me personly. This is not our official club feedback but my opinion alone.
The concept of having a European meeting is fine and it is ofcource a shame we can't all be a bigger part of it.
I support the idea of having it going on shifts through the different contries, otherwise it is your international yearly treff which also is fine but then that is what it is. Europe goes also outside Germany.

Feedback from last Treff:
Good concept, nice place and food, excelent to meet other busa friends from around EU.
Rain Saturday and no backup plan. People drove 1200- 1500km Friday evening just to look at some nice bikes not that different from what we have our self and sit in a bar... and then go back the next day.
Some of us made a longer trip over the week so not a big issue for me, but it was a bit of a long nose for those coming due to the interesting program put together..

Anyway, I had fun but not sure I will partisipate in Germany again. Why not make it really European and have it go on turns every year?
I am sure we could put together a nice one in Denmark also..
And I am sure doing this it will be a even bigger event growing every year.
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IndlægEmne: Re: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   16.09.09 1:59

For the rain we do not, no guarantee. sorry ...

1. It was our first meeting and we are learning, every year.
2. We thought about to make the meeting every year in another country.
But, as we have here in Germany over 400 riders and it would probably drive 30 - 50 riders in another country. What we do with the other 300 - 350 riders?

no meeting?

For that reason we do it in Germany we have the Most data riders.

It is the annual meeting of the Forum "Hayabusaclub.eu"
and we invite internationally to do so.

Next year, we also have an Alternative Program, when it rains.

All countries can help shape the program locally, also the Alternative Program.
If there are no reports from other countries, then we can not change unfortunately.

Everyone can contribute to a successful meeting, but we need to work together.

From any country one can support the organization team and help to bring the meeting a success.

lets have fun


I hope this could answer your questions.
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IndlægEmne: Re: 2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof   

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2. international mega meeting 2010 in Oberhof
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